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Read art Reviews and art critics. Opinions about artists

Read art Reviews and art critics. Opinions about artists:

Average rating for artist main_arts

Information about stone sculture workshop
Reviewer: Roberta Vieliute  
I am greatful for all the detailed information provided by William Matar. I got the respond to my inquiry about the possibility for a stone sculpture workshop locales in no time with all the contacts and links needed. Best Regards/Roberta

Reviewer: Nabil Ajaca  
Congratulation of this Arabic Lebanese culture portal.

Reviewer: Rafi Kayrouz  
It is an important site of Lebanon with a lot of profiles of person into culture. Keep expanding. Great for Lebanon.

Dictionary of art for Lebanon
Reviewer: Dr. Tabet  
What a selected dictionary of art for Lebanon. May God push you to work more and add more artists. I give you 4/5.

Great art place
Reviewer: Roger Azzi  
Extremely important art site since a lot of artists are either Lebanese or Arab. It is great to have such art data and information in our Arab world and Middle Eastern part of the world. I really appreciate! Thanks to add as well a new section I discover recently about Actors of Arab celebrities. I hope you can add more profiles. Your site is a must for Middle East.

An excellent Middle Eastern online art gallery
Reviewer: Richard of Eire  
This is an excellent Middle Eastern online art gallery. Quality and the creativity radiates from every page. I feel honoured to be strolling in the shade of its many talented artists. And it is with gratitude that I accredit Mr. William Matar with having been the first to bring my own humble philosophical-poetic works to the attention of worldwide audiences. Cordially, Richard of Eire.

Arab Art
Reviewer: George Hiram  
Very interesting Middle Eastern art portal. Can you add a page for Maestro Walid Gholmieh, Marcel Khalife and more musicians. Thanks

Le temps de Byblos
Reviewer: Cynthia Fawaz  
Votre site est vraiment un trésor pour le Liban. Le Liban que je n'oublierai pas de ma vie. J'ai été avant la guerre le 7 Juillet (ou 6) à Byblos et on a été au vieux souk serpenté les vielles ruelles à Byblos... Quel plaisir pour le corps et l'âme! On a même été au Yard Club de Byblos!. Votre bannière à la page d'accueil me donne mémoire de la couleur des parasols! dans un coin si charmant et intime au vieux Souk. Cordialement

Lebanese Musicians
Reviewer: Riad Zbib  
Excellent site... You did a great Job till now... I hope you can work harder and add more artists. What about Musical profiles of Lebanese Musicians?

Good results
Reviewer: Fadel Fadel  
I come to from Is your site related to I can congratulate you.. since they are well presented in search engines. All time I search for arabic and lebanese arts and artworks I got them in the results.. good good.

Arabs deserves onefineart
Reviewer: Ahmed Daher  
Hello, Great site showing Middle Eastern Artists as well International and Lebanese artists. I really respect this site. I like it because it is done like a book showing Personnel photo of the artist, biography, comments, specimen of works...Really Great, Good Image for Arabs! We deserve that.

Thanks Mr. Matar
Reviewer: Sylvie Stephan  
Thanks Mr Matar for giving me a free ad in your site. Nice from you...I really wish the best for this site which shows Arabs artists... It is a good database you have.. it shows good cultural aspect for Middle East... May God Bless you too

Reviewer: Mike Mansour  
I did like visiting this site and of course now reviewing it... it is a good pleasure. I am giving you 5/5 in case you add more Lebanese and Arab artists. Also I rate you the most because the site already contains really interesting artists and information. Please continue that way...

10/10 for this site
Reviewer: Samir K.  
TOP for this Art site based in Lebanon. Plzkeep doing well

Great Site
Reviewer: Elie Khoury  
This site is the one of the most comprehensinve and useful art oriented websites. Great job and keep up the good work.


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