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Sally Khoury

I- Biography and Statement:

If you have seen a Sally K painting in real life, it most likely made you stop and stare. Her art work is aggressively bold and yet alluring in all its femininity. The 25-year-old Lebanese painter’s unique mix of fashion and pop culture is what characterizes her work as fun, flirty and feminine. Since graduating from the Lebanese American University with a degree in Fine Art in 2005, Sally Khoury’s artwork has been displayed in various gallery spaces, bars, clubs, and restaurants across Beirut.

Sally Khoury’s art pushes the boundaries of understanding and defining women. She interprets what others commonly view as flaws into artistic expression in the large eyes, full pursed lips, and wild hair. Her art does not attempt to define “woman,” but instead questions the current definitions of the Arab woman. “I would hate to think that the women from this region are only portrayed as docile, traditional, and subservient or oppressed” she says. Her use of large canvas, vivacious color, movement, and expression all play a role in conveying her image.

The many ways she paints women and the interpretations of her subject illustrate her endless
creativity. Sally K is constantly thinking of new ways to express the many characteristics of
women she sees in Arab culture using a range of colors, textures, and styles. “Right now,” she
says, “I enjoy being able to try new things in my artwork, like adding different textures, and
combining realistic and abstract styles.” Her fans can only wonder at how many different ways
Sally K can interpret her love and awe of the female creature onto canvas.

Gallery Exhibitions

Lebanese Artists Association, Jan 2009 Verdan, Lebanon “New Artists Exhibition”
* Gallery Surface Libre, 2007 Odylic Solo Gallery Show, Jal el Dib, Lebanon.
Art Louge, 2006 Imagining Ourselves “Shoo tabkha ya mara?”(Joint exhibition)
* Art Lounge, 2005 Glamour Girls Premiere Solo Gallery Show, Beirut, Lebanon.
Paul Guiragossian Museum, 2004 Jabal exhibition (Joint exhibition)
Art Academy for Artists and Painters in Beirut, 2004 Beirut (Joint Exhibition)

2008 Exhibitions
Aishti Magazine Anniversary, Fakra, August 08
Deir El Amar Lebanese Painters Exhibition, July 08
Rare Restaurant Achrafieh April 08
IC school Hamra June 08

2007 Exhibitions
Café De Prague Hamra December 07
Cream Saifi Village
Matignion Gallery Horsh Tabet
Drops Batroun (permanent)
Cloud Nine Jemaizeh (permanent)
Tribecca Monnot (April)

2006 Exhibitions
MILK Jemaizeh (Permanent)
Gauche Caviar Jemaizeh (Permanent)
Lina’s Café Down Town Beirut
ESCWA Riad El Solh (Joint exhibition)
Tapas Jemaizeh (Permanent)
Zinc Achrafieh (March)
Blush Monot
The Basement Jemaizeh
“KHAM” Rawdah High School: Autumn Art Exhibit (Joint exhibition)

2005 Exhibitions
Zinc Achrafieh (December-January)
Tribecca Monot café
Lina’s Café Down town
Zinc Achrafieh pub

Article Reviews of Exhibitions: Magazines, Newspapers, Web Blogs

* Oasis Magazine, March 2009
* Platinum Magazine, March 2009
* Jaras Magazine, Feb 2009
* Cedar Wings Magazine, 2008
* Luma, Our Voice magazine. Najd School April 2008
* Art Review, April 2008, Lamasat, Art Decoration magazine
* Touma, Serene. Phonecia Hotel Magazine, Beirut March 2008
* Art Review, June 2007, Al-Balad Newspaper article
* Art Review, June 2007 Al-Nahar Newspaper article
* “Une projection narcissique, une vision romantique” La Revue du Liban, June 2007.
* Fares, Lopitta Kattan. Stylist Magazine, Issue 6 Beirut, 2007
* Labaki, Richard. Lifestyle Magazine – Dubai, 2007
* Elmanawy, Yasser. Flair Magazine – Dubai, 2007
* Corm, Carole. Bespoke Magazine article Issue 6, 2007 Beirut
* Art Review, 2007. Al- Jamila Magazine, Qatar
* L’orient du jour Newspaper article. “Les peintures de Sally Khoury: du glamour dans l’air du temps” June 2007. By Z.Z
* Skin Magazine Feature, 2007. Interview with Nadine Fares Khalil
* Cover Photo, December 2006. Agenda Culturel, Lebanon
* Chatila, Yasmine. “When I grow up I want to be…” April 2006,
* “Les ‘Glamour Girls’ de Sally K. a Art Lounge.” September 2005 L’orient Le Jour, Art et Culture.
* Art Review, December 2005. Stylist Magazine, Lebanon.

Televised Broadcast

- LBC sat Live “3isho ma3na”
- TeleLiban

- Mazaj program on Future News Television September 2008
- Al Rai Tv, Stylik program. September 2008
- Rotana Musica Tv. “Candy Girls” Episode 2, entitled: Picture This.
- Alaan Tv - Baity

- LBC TV Odylic Exhibition Opening
- New TV
- Orbit Television
- Future Television. Odylic Exhibition opening
- Tele Liban. Odylic Exhibition opening
- Alyoum Television.“The eyes of Beirut” Live Interview

- Future Television. Sara Khoury. English News
- Al- Jazeera Television
- Darine Hadchiti Music video clip

Artist Statement

Throughout my artistic development, I have explored many phases in my artwork: abstract, realistic, expressionistic, and pop art. Since I have enjoyed working in all these different styles, my newest work collectively incorporates the styles to achieve an eclectic vision of beauty.

My subjects are the various faces and personalities of the female psyche. My work attempts to explore the independent, beautiful, confident, and self-satisfying woman; the kind of woman we all strive to be.

Most of the female physical characteristics I draw are overstated-drawn on large canvases - as a reflection of the modern definition of beauty placed on women. Inspiration for such works is derived from the world of beauty, fashion magazines and the glamorous lifestyle.

Lebanon is a very trendy cosmopolitan country whose women strive to be seen at their best. I love exploring that aspect of women and their fight for independence and freedom through the application of the material world.

My main goal as an artist is to continue creating something innovative and novel that will undoubtedly attract the viewer’s attention.

Sally K

II- Articles

When I grow up I want to be (Posted by 'The Flavor of Beirut' under Arts by Yasmine Chatila Monday 10, April 2006)

Who? Sally Khoury, painter
Where? Blush. Achrafieh, Monnot Street
When? Currently
When I grow up I want to be an actress.” As a child Sally Khoury dreamt of seeing her face projected on the big screen. Today the 24 year old Lebanese erects the faces of her characters across the canvas of her paintings.

Graduating from the Lebanese American University with a degree in Fine Arts less than two years ago, Sally has already exhibited her work in various spaces in Lebanon. Her large canvases of women's portraits have graced walls from cafés to museums. Currently exhibiting a slide show of her work in Blush, Sally feels that her entry into the “pop-culture” art arena was smooth and fast; an expreience that most young artists today cannot share.

The all female cast of characters emerging from Sally's workshop are diverse in style, her older work marked with a hint of manga flavor and newer pieces hitting the viewer with an explosion of colors. Nevertheless, all her women have a characteristic in common. They exude confidence; they are bold, beautiful and sensual. I paint what I know; since I am a woman I paint women.”
Having grown up in the Arab world and seeing the differential treatment of men and women, Sally wants her paintings to reflect an empowerment of women. The femailes have the power, it is in their hands. She says with a delighted expression in her eyes.

Albeit her emerging career in Lebanon; this young artist plans on earning a Masters Degree abroad. She believes in the exploration and evolution of her art. Although she has found a style that works for her now, it can always change. Sally's advice for painters: Keep painting!”


Is painting just random colors on canvas? Is it passion, love, talent…?

Well it is all that and more. It's an attitude, it's a free zone for expression, and to Sally it's a way for marking her vision and bringing it to life. Bold scenes from the new generation and its glamorous societies lure your eyes and infatuate you by the ingenious blend of realistic and abstract images. Her concepts carry feminist declarations where women puffed up with vanity stand tall in their nakedness. You can actually see them eyeing you as if making a stand against conventional persona of naked women in portraits, where they are usually week, humble and ashamed of their nakedness. With her artistic approach, Sally liberates women into a world of beauty, sexiness, pride, power and independence. This ambitious artist focuses on the concept of each artwork but at the same time brings out the colors and textures that would perfectly fit and liven up its ambiance. No wonder they were exhibited in several renowned locations like Zinc, Lina’s café, Tribecca and Art Lounge. From glamour girls to vodka girls, Sally’s work is based on developing glamour through vivid affects and impressive portraits of women with a dash of exaggeration and sophistication.

Corner from the workshop of the artist - Located in Antelias, Beirut

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