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Camille Allam (Passed away 2014)

- Head of workshop and member of the jury of Diplomas at the Lebanese University.
- Diploma in Painting and Sculpture at the Academy Artium- Madrid.
- Diploma in Interior Design from the University Holy Spirit Kaslik.
- Master in Landscape Architecture and Environement.- Lebanese University Hadath

- Studies of Musicology at the Holy Spirit University Kaslik

- Lebanese member of the Association of the painters and sculptors - Beirut.
- Member of the International association of the painters and sculptors – United Nations.
- Member of Association Stairs of Art – Gemayze.

Latest Studies:

Development for ART applications in Adobe Flash 2011
3D Landscaping Techniques 2011

Latest projects:

Art for Healing Project: Using art as therapy by making art in various fields during healing process ,in hospital and outside – 2011 . www.
The Art Library: mixing bookshop and art exhibition, at Librairie Allam,,Sursock Museum Street, Ashrafieh - 2011
Creation of the first Puppet Museum of Lebanon, Musée des marionette : Architectural Design and execution of 25, 4 meters original artistical boards for live display

Cardboard design: furniture with cardboard:, 2011

Creation of the comic book: the true stories of Antonio in the USA

Initials art project: lettering, initials and quotes as paintings.

Latest Art:

Me v/s Me– art performance and video installation 2011.
Environmental sculpture: the giant: 6 meters assembly 2011
Art - installation: at Université Libanaise, 2011

The Miniature Paintings Serie 2009-2011

Participation since 1985 in the most important exhibitions collective and individual:

- Gallery Broumana Plaza--1985
- Chahine gallery 100 years of art in Lebanon – Verdun -Beyrouth1986
- Gab center Ashrafieh-1986
- Rumours Galery -1988 - Kaslik
- Movement Culturel Tripoli -1989
- Exhibition Portemilio-Chahine 1989
- Chahine gallery -ART in Lebanon –1994
- Creation of the first art piece in branches of trees – DeirelQamar-1994
- Creation of the first art piece from Silicone : Silicone Painting -1995
- Exclusive exhibition of works to Dar el Founoun- LBC- Adma 1995
- Workshop at Deir el Kamar 1995
- Exhibition at Gallery RIZK ADVERTISING -1996
- Living room of Arts - Maraya-1998- Furn el Cheback
- Joudraniyat exposure ART and the City- SYNDICAT DES INGENIEURS-1998
- INTERNATIONAL exhibition ARTUEL of Beirut-1998
- Creation of the first human sculpture in branches of jasmine -1999 –Atelier Allam
- XXème Exhibition of Museum SURSOCK -1998
- Exhibition at EPREUVE D’ARTISTE -1999
- Association of Development of Gemayzé 2000-2005
- NDU annual art exhibition- 2000-2005 - DeirelKamar
- ARTUEL PHOENICIA SYMPOSIUM of the contemporary art -2002
- Exhibition of the whole of works AT THE MUSEUM Of ART of Deir el Qamar -2004
- Symposium of CONTEMPORARY ART - BIEL -2004
- Individual exhibition - Stairs of Art - Gemaize- 2005
- Permanent exhibition at Sursock Street Workshop
- OPEN WORKSHOP - Sursock Street 2000-2006
- Hadath Club Personnal Retrospective Exhibition -2008
- Hadath Festival Personnal Sculptures Exhibition -2009
- Deir el Qamar Estivales – Art in the Palace – 2009
- Estivales de Deir El Qamar - Art Exhibition - 2010
- JBEIL FESTIVAL Personnal Sculptutres Exhibition -2010
- NDU DIASPORA EXHEBITION Downtown Dome Space 2010
- SLEEP-COMFORT Art Exhibition 2011


For Camille Allam, creation does not have limits and his dream is to go on the MOON, amalgamating, with lunar dust his creations.

One day, in 1985, discovering a cluster of branches of trees and brushwood thrown, at Deir El Qamar, in the field, he foresees the features of a face then of a human body: The Natural Man has just been born and the series of the NATURAL ART will begin.
But nothing seems to stop him in so good way and similar discoveries will further bring him in the paths of creation.

In 1990 while handling silicone, he immediately discovered out the capacity of this matter to collect and to channel the light: by adding pigments to it, PAINTING WITH SILICONE had been born. He is prided to be the pioneer for it: ” I do not tend to prove Something, it is just an idea but it is mine”

Then it was the cock, the cat, the croco, the gazelle, the dunkie , the dino, and the other fantastic animals.

L’ agenda culturel - 2006:

Chercheur infatigable, les rencontres de Camille Allam avec des matières semblent le guider toujours plus loin dans son parcours créatif. Sa série d'Art Naturel est née d'un amas de branchages à travers lequel il entrevit un jour une esquisse de visage et de corps humain; c'est en manipulant fortuitement du silicone que la capacité de cette matière à capter la lumière l'a mené à l'utiliser comme base de peinture en y mélangeant des pigments, puis vint la série des animaux fantastiques...

L'éclectique Camille Allam est diplômé en architecture intérieure et en musicologie de l'USEK, et en peinture de l'Académie Artium de Madrid. Chef d'atelier et membre du jury de diplôme à l'Université Libanaise, il est aussi membre de l'Association des peintres et sculpteurs libanais, de l'Association internationale des peintres et sculpteurs, et de celle de l'Escalier de l'Art à Gemayzé.

Depuis 1985, il a participé aux plus importante expositions collectives du Liban tout en présentant son parcours personnel dynamique lors d'expositions individuelles. Ses œuvres sont en exposition permanente à l'Atelier de la rue Sursock. (Sursock Street Workshop).

Press Articles :


A la recherche de l'objet à récupérer: Exposition Escalier de l’Art - Gemmayzé

Pour Camille Allam, tout a commencé un jour où, découvrant dans un amas de morceaux de fer jetés des objets inutilisables, il va créer des œuvres d'art.

D'abord est né un coq avec des couleurs primaires, puis un chat noir et blanc, puis une gazelle, un crocodile... Il travaille dur à tordre les branches de fer auxquelles il a ajouté boulons, grosses pinces. Et cela donne un effet superbe.

Camille a fait des études de décoration à l'Université de Kaslik et travaille dans ce domaine quand il n'est pas dans son atelier à essayer d'apprivoiser entre le fer, le bois, le papier, auxquels il donne des couleurs qui charment du premier regard. Il s'est mis à la sculpture depuis toujours, ses œuvres sont dans des collections pri¬vées,
Les animaux? Camille les a apprivoisés à sa manière «c'est mon bestiaire fantastique» avoue-t-il et de se demander si chacun de nous n'a pas envie de ciseler un animal qu'il aime.

Revue du LIBAN , Beirut, 2000, Sonia Nigolian):

All, absolutely all, interests Camille Allam wrought Iron like paper Journal, the straw like the brushwood, the vine stocks as branches of a fig tree, stones like the natural pigments mixed with silicone...

The definition which sticks best to this artist would be: Nothing is lost… All is created.

Camille seeks through his work, to pass a message. The man, in this finishing century, should redefine himself with respect to nature, of his environment, which it so liberally " disfigured, before facing the third millenium…
From where these astonishing sculptures that he calls his “Bio-Sculptures”.
Originating in Deir el-Kamar where he has his workshop, within the framework of the “Estivals” of this area to the indefinable charm, he opened the doors , to let enter the esthètes and the curious .

Workshop doors open in Deir el-Kamar for Camille Allam:

The artist and his work: To pay homage to nature, in this chaotic century.

We penetrated his " cave ", where he likes to insulate himself to remake the world and to create his " incipient sculptures ", as he likes to define them.

There are humanoïdes foreign, sometimes decapitated, out of wrought iron or straw, with volumes playing the vacuums and the full …

This made bestiary of brushwood retained between them by straw…
There we found a very beautiful wrought iron cock and welded iron repaints with the peak, of an unquestionable glare, with the dynamic lines. : “the walkers will be interested, “also, with these
abstract forms, these species of puzzle consisted of branches that Allam assembled to create these forms which spring in space, defying weightlessness.

Any art in a determined society, carries out its own products according to practical rules' which constitute the sum of the intuitions and the experiments of the creators.

But Allam wants to turn the back on our consumer society and to make ecological recovery.
In the silence of his workshop, he will recreate the world, will represent the secret moment and determinant of a public act, an individual contribution to the inheritance of the company and History.
In these run up against times, the dialectical tension which characterizes this period can be expressed only by confusion reigning in the field of esthetics.
Far from being unaware of these problems of the hour, Camille Allam expresses in these compositions a beautiful poetic intensity, despite chaotic current of this century, with natural basic materials, unified by the force of the creative dash.
Then, there is the artist-painter, who, while wanting to give a new light to its colors and relief with the forms, uses largely of pigments mixed with silicone.
Camille Allam, there still, gives to see his " spherical " works, allusion wanted to our planet…
It reigns in his abstract compositions much of freedom. Spaces where the plans are complementary without never running up and running down against the glance.
The artist reserves himself for the beings which he loves, people curious about all that is done in the field of Art.

At the Gallery Art La Rosette, Ashrafieh: To invest the color with a structuring function:
(Revue du Liban - 1996)

For Camille Allam a new Technique which permit of the interesting reliefs

Camille ALLAM is the first artist to propose his work on these surfaces with an about sixty compositions worked with various media of which this new technique which is in fact an erudite mixture of coloured natural pigments and of silicone.
The rather convincing result leaves the priority to the light that Allam structure and channels with ease.

And the artist to leave pallet to imagination in full nature in order to completely let himself invade by it, be inhabited by it.
Allam, although he is an architect of formation, head of workshop at the U.L also folded with the hard disciplines of the Art schools of Madrid sought only to transform its impressions into halation of light, thus affirming its own vision of the world at the expense of objective reality with the emancipation of the chromatic values. To locate the Allam art is not easy.

A strange Universe of Signs

It should be specified that we deal with a young artist who wants to be in permanent research
call himmself unceasingly in question, touches abstraction, art of the portrait, for then dividing its pictorial spaces of boxes and register signs.

We prefer him when he throws his net, consistant network obtained by silicone, to imprison characters with the molten silhouettes or these spaces where he integrates these purified forms.
It is there that he is invested more and that he offers to the color a structuring function, the same withdraw with the eyes that of the traditional perspective, a coloured interpretation of reality, channeled by the thought.

L'artiste dans son atelier

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Online Portfolio:
Address: Atelier Open - Sursock Street, Tel: 961 1 323805 / 1 338115
Second Address:
Atelier Camille Allam at Deir el Qamar (from July to September).
Tel: 961 05 505409


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